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Apologists Opinion: No More iMPACT Zone

Over the Weekend it came to light that the TNA couldn’t come to a deal and keep iMPACT at Universal Studios for the rest of the year. This couldn’t have come at a seemingly worse time for TNA. Over the past 6  months or so TNA have been cutting costs at every corner, and going […]

TNA loses the iMPACT Zone for the rest of the Year.

News is coming out tonight that TNA couldn’t secure a deal with Universal Studios for iMPACT for the rest of the year. This is a blow for TNA as they had planned on it being the new home of TNA during this rebuilding period. They tapped six episode of iMPACT back in December, the last […]

TNA iMPACT Show 1/2/14 in Review

The show opens with Kurt Angle headed to the ring to make a “major announcement”. He says 2013  was not his year and dissapointed the his fans inside the ring and out. He says he wasn’t the cyborg in 2013, and before he can finish Bobby Roode interrupts him as he comes to the ring. […]